Research & Reviews

QPC undertakes research and reviews on policy and regulatory matters outside of the formal inquiry function, to support the goal of increasing productivity, driving economic growth and improving living standards in Queensland.

Improving measures of school education output and productivity in Queensland
This paper defines and measures output in Queensland’s school education sector. It explores approaches to capturing changes in the quality of education using data on senior secondary certifications and NAPLAN achievement.

Lessons from the inquiry into service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
The inquiry into service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities presented a range of complex and contentious policy issues. This paper provides insights on the lessons-learned from conducting the inquiry. It focuses on the independent public inquiry process, consultation with communities and the use of economic frameworks to build recommendations in a complex policy environment.

Queensland Productivity Update 2016-17
This paper is the first in a planned series providing information on productivity trends in Queensland. The series will inform decisions about how to realise Queensland’s productivity potential, and forms part of the Commission’s legislated function to promote public understanding of matters relating to productivity.

Housing in Queensland: Affordability and Preferences
This paper investigates affordability of housing in Queensland; changes in the housing stock and people’s preferences; and factors influencing outcomes in housing markets.

Whole-of-Economy Modelling: Beyond the Black Box
This paper provides guidance material on economic impact modelling—what it is, what it can do (and what it cannot do), common modelling mistakes and misuses, techniques for understanding the validity (or otherwise) of modelling results, and some advice on best practice.

Productivity – Concepts, Measurement and Performance

The paper defines productivity, identifies how it is measured, and examines Queensland’s productivity performance in national and global contexts.



Cost-benefit analysis of establishing a pharmacy council
This report provides a cost-benefit analysis of establishing a pharmacy council in Queensland. The report was commissioned following a request from the Health, Communities, Disability Services and Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Committee.

Regulatory advice – Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Recommendations
The Queensland Productivity Commission (the Commission) has released its regulatory advice report on the Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Recommendations. The report, which was prepared in response to a request from the Treasurer, is available here.

In providing advice to the Queensland Government, the Commission recommended a revised Government regulatory model that:

  • ensures a strong focus on effective review of regulation
  • promotes regulation that is proportionate to the risk and increases transparency
  • promotes industry engagement when designing and reviewing regulation.

Other recommendations include:

  • development of a regulatory performance framework based on regulatory best practice principles
  •  provision of training programs to improve the capabilities of staff working in regulatory agencies.

This report was provided to the Treasurer on 28 February 2017.

The report has subsequently been used by the Queensland Government to inform its response to the recommendations of the ‘Red Tape Reduction Advisory Council Report 2016.’ The Queensland Government’s first six-monthly report was released on 24 July 2017.