The Inquiry

The Treasurer has asked the Queensland Productivity Commission to undertake an inquiry into Queensland’s manufacturing sector, including a review of reshoring initiatives.

The inquiry will identify policy options to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in Queensland and examine opportunities to:

  • build on existing competitive advantages and advanced manufacturing niches
  • take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • address challenges, especially for businesses and workers less able to adapt and reposition themselves in a changing market.

Be involved

Individuals, businesses or organisations interested in Queensland’s manufacturing sector are encouraged to contribute to the Inquiry.

There will be opportunities to participate at all stages of the inquiry, with two rounds of formal consultation.

Your first opportunity to participate is by making a written submission to the Inquiry. Later, you may participate in meetings and roundtables, as well as make further submissions in response to the Draft Report.

Issues Paper

The QPC has released its Issues Paper for the Manufacturing Inquiry.

The Issues paper provides those wishing to participate in the Inquiry with an overview of manufacturing in Queensland, key issues for comment and how to make a submission.

Submissions are invited by 10 January 2017.


The inquiry is expected to take about 11 months. The final report will be provided to the Treasurer in September 2017.


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