In the first instance, we encourage you to contact the relevant government agency and attempt to resolve the matter directly.

A discussion with the government agency may clarify whether your concerns are a competitive neutrality issue and a resolution may be possible.

Who can make a complaint

  • A competitive neutrality complaint may be made by a person (or association) that is, or could be:
    in competition with a government agency in a particular market
  • adversely affected by a competitive advantage the person alleges is enjoyed by a Government Owned Corporation, government agency or a Local Government business activity.

How to make a complaint

All competitive neutrality complaints must be in writing, preferably using the Competitive Neutrality Form, and include sufficient details to:

  • demonstrate whether you have made a genuine, but unsuccessful, attempt to resolve the subject matter of the complaint with the government agency
  • describe the alleged failure of a government agency to comply with the principle of competitive neutrality; and
  • show that you and the government agency are, or could be, in competition in the particular market; or
  • how you are, or could be, adversely affected by the competitive advantage you allege is enjoyed by the government agency.

Initial assessment

The QPC will consider the competitive neutrality complaint and decide whether or not to undertake an investigation. If we do not proceed with an investigation, the complainant will be notified in writing of the reasons for the decision.


The purpose of the investigation is to determine whether or not your complaint is substantiated.

Before starting an investigation the QPC will notify the complainant, the government agency and its responsible Minister, that an investigation will be undertaken into the alleged failure of competitive neutrality.


The QPC will provide a written report of its findings to the Government. Subsequent to the Government’s response, the report and the Government’s response will be published on this website.